All medical fields are developed in Germany, but oncology remains the most popular destination for medical tourism. The latest cancer treatment methods are available at German hospitals and allow for phenomenal results at any stage of oncology. More than half of all cancer cases in Germany are cured completely, and in other cases, doctors can increase a person’s life expectancy by many years. If you are going to contact one of the clinics in Germany, you can first find out the cost of cancer treatment in Germany on the Booking Health website. The website specifies prices for any procedures and operations.

What cancer treatments are available in Germany? 

Dozens of cancer treatments are used in Germany. The traditional three pillars of oncology are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. The possibilities of German doctors, however, are not limited to these methods.

Healthcare professionals in Germany use many innovative methods of cancer treatment, such as targeted therapy, immunotherapy, brachytherapy, embolization, chemoembolization, various ablation options, and the destruction of tumors with high-intensity focused ultrasound.

In addition to systemic chemotherapy in Germany, local and regional chemotherapy can be used. When conducting regional chemotherapy, drugs are injected into the arterial network that feeds the tumor. Examples of such treatments include isolated limb chemoperfusion for a melanoma or a sarcoma and hepatic artery chemoembolization for liver cancer or liver metastases. When using local chemotherapy, doctors inject drugs into an area where the tumor is located, such as the cerebrospinal fluid or the abdomen.

What determines the price of medical services in oncology? 

Prices depend on the following factors: 

What procedures do you need? For example, a bone marrow transplant costs much more than surgery to remove a tumor. 

How many procedures or operations are required? For example, chemotherapy alone costs less than a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. 

How procedures and operations will be performed? For example, a surgical intervention with the help of a robotic surgical system is more expensive. The same goes for innovative radiotherapy methods. They are safer, allow for fewer radiation sessions, but increase medical costs.

Which hospital are you going to be treated at? The cost of services may be higher at a university or private hospital than at a municipal or church hospital.

What doctors will treat you? If this is a doctor of medicine, a professor, or a world-famous doctor, their services are more expensive.

Under what conditions are you going to have your treatment? Some patients prefer to pay extra for extra comfort. 

How to reduce treatment costs? 

You are welcome to make your treatment appointment at the best Centers of Oncology in Germany through the Booking Health service. This is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • You can compare prices for the same procedures at different hospitals and choose the most suitable option
  • You can take advantage of the discounts that are provided to the Booking Health customers
  • When you make your treatment appointment through Booking Health, the prices will be lower compared to direct contact with the hospital due to the absence of high taxes for foreign patients
  • You will get insurance that protects against unexpected medical expenses (this means that the price will definitely not increase after the start of the program)
  • You can save on organizational services as Booking Health provides them at a lower price compared to the international departments of German hospitals

Leave your request on our website, and specialists at the Booking Health company will help you find a hospital in Germany that specializes in treating certain types of cancer. You will have an appointment on your preferred dates, and your trip will be fully organized.

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